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lesson 1 - Watercolor
The fund of the scenery was done by Soft Camel Brush.
I surrounded the clouds with Diffuse Brush Was to give them something of life.
The green trees were done by different tones of green and something of yellow gold, by Smooth runny Camel brush.
Those who give depth to the scenery with watering Soft Bristle Brush.
The trunks with Soft Flat Brush.
Do not use the brush that you indicated because I installed them badly, now they are installed well but the work is already made.
I could not also have handled completely well that thing about to do a custom palette.
Also I would like to know count changed the numbers of H, the V and S because not to do it.
I amused myself very much doing.
Thank you

leccion 1 - Watercolor
El fondo del paisaje fue hecho con Soft Camel Brush
Las nubes las rodee con Erase Diffuse Brush para darles algo de vida.
Los arboles verdes fueron hechos con diferentes tonos de verde y algo de amarillo oro, con Smooth runny Camel brush
Los que dan profundidad al paisaje con watering Soft Bristle Brush.
Los troncos con Soft Flat Brush.
No use las brush que usted indicó porque las instalé mal, ahora estan bien instaladas pero el trabajo ya esta hecho.
Tampoco he podido manejar completamente bien lo de hacer una custom palette.
Tambien quisiera saber conde cambio los números de H, V y S porque no se hacerlo.
Me divertí mucho pintando.


Agradezco mucho el trabajo que se toma
 al enseñarme.