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Good morning or good night, not at what time will he read this, but here my work is, it is not excellent but I believe that it is passable, I entered the mail to see that it had put on my second work because the mail never came to me, but I did not understand what he wanted to say, perhaps it was so bad that it did not want to tell me the truth, evidently this is the only form that I communicate to myself with you, but I would like that I was explaining myself about that 3 talks each other essentially, I believe that it is another thing that you teach. I hope he will write myself and say it to myself. Good, not to bother it any more, I will say to him that the paintbrushes that it should use for this were three, old-water-color for the whole rose, the first background old-water-color but later I risked and WC happens to him TBrush-wet in wet at least remained more agreeable, in the end when I did drop all I spent to him a draft in some areas to give him a little more
of clarity in some parts. 
Thanks for his effort in teaching me. Do I tell him as anecdote that when I made Mask that thing about, I remained united because my rose remained of a red color and I could not take it from him like, the fund was lead, in end, an entire misfortune and as always, I forgot to record earlier so I had to throw it to the tacho, my rose was pretty, say to me, since I go out of the mask? I did this one without that but if with selections.
Buenos días o buenas noches, no se a que hora leerá esto, pero aca está mi trabajo, no es excelente pero creo que es pasable, entré al correo para ver que había puesto sobre mi segundo trabajo porque nunca me llegó el correo, pero no entendí lo que quiso decir, tal vez estaba tan malo que no me quiso decir la verdad, por lo visto es la unica forma que me comunico con usted, pero quisiera que me explicara de que se trata esencial 3, creo que es otra cosa que usted enseña. Ojala me escriba y me lo diga. Bueno, para no fastidiarlo mas, le dire que las brochas que use para esto fueron tres, old-water-color para toda la rosa, el background primero old-water-color pero despues me arriesgué y le pase WC TBrush-wet in wet por lo menos quedó mas agradable, al final cuando hice drop all le pasé un borrador en algunas áreas para darle un poco mas de claridad en
 algunas partes.
Gracias por su esfuerzo en enseñarme. Le cuento como anecdota que cuando hice lo de Mask, me quedé trabada porque mi rosa se quedó de un color rojo y no supe como quitarselo, el fondo estaba plomo, en fin, una desgracia total y como siempre, me olvidé de grabar antes así que lo tuve que tirar al tacho, mi rosa estaba linda, dígame, como salgo de la máscara? esta la hice sin eso pero si con selecciones.

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