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It is a photography of anyone, and for the first time I was explained well that thing about the role of tracing because this happy button does not work in my Painter, and to do it was the easiest, especially that it uses a paintbrush that was not flooding everything, uses the pencil 2b to do the sketch, then to do in watercolor I used old-water-color brush, died camel and one was dry, I never thought that in this painting it might do the details as the shirt, the nose, in fín earlier I had the whole disgust left but now I feel satisfied. Ah ... just in case I did not receive email saying as my work was, I request him send it because although that was horrible, he wanted to know his opinion, my errors and as to correct them.
Thanks for teaching all this to me, earlier it was looking alike the most horrible painting that existed because it could not define anything, but now it seems to me wonderful.
Again thank you.
Es una fotografía de cualquiera, y por primera vez encontré bien explicado lo de remontar la figura, y para pintar fué facilísimo, sobre todo que use una brocha que no inundaba todo, use el lapiz 2b para hacer el sketch, luego para pintar en watercolor usé old-water-color brush, fine camel y erase dry, nunca pense que en esta pintura podría hacer los detalles como la camisa, la nariz, en fín antes me quedaba todo un asco pero ahora me siento contenta. Ah... por si acaso no recibi email diciendo como estaba mi trabajo, le ruego lo envíe porque a pesar de que se que estaba horrible, quería conocer su opinión, mis errores y como corregirlos.
Gracias por enseñarme todo esto, antes me parecía la pintura mas horrible que había porque no sabía definir nada, pero ahora me parece maravillosa.
Nuevamente gracias.

For any information it can be contacted with me